#024: Copywriting plugin to help us noobs write better and faster

You know, copywriting can be quite intimidating. For me, it aways used to be something I suck at. I am not a writer, one of my teachers burned that into my head.
But that’s not the way it needs to. Copywriting can be learned. By practice and by simply learning.
There are different copywriting models. Every method has its own advantages. But there is something more fundamental: every time I practice I do the same thing – looking up a framework, copy/paste into WordPress, and ultimately open best practices for each stage.


#018: Smart Bookmarks help you save time and sanity

Humans are creatures of habit. We know that. I know that! But I never really paid attention. The habit sneaks up on you when you pay attention to detail. The other day I noticed that I when I have a specific task, let’s say, read news, I tend to go through a small routine. I open a website, check it out, then open the next one, and the next one. Repeating until I am done with checking news. I do this every day. And not just news!

usb stick business idea

#004: Software which automatically backups USB sticks

Many people, like my wife, like to use USB sticks. Dropbox is something they know and have, but do not use on a regular basis. The feeling of having something physical is special to them. They grew up with it and might not want to change that. Also, some need a stick, because their working environment prohibits usage of cloud storage services.

Business Idea

#001: Business Travel Service

The first idea I want to share is a service business, not too cool these days, but still with potential.

All of us have booked our vacation online, right? This process starts quite easily with all these booking sites. After you set your eyes on a dream vacation spot, the real work begins. Figuring everything out takes time and sucks out a lot of energy. But mostly, it is a big waste of time because there are people who are experienced enough to do all the work in a fraction of the time.