beauty smartphone case

#011: A smartphone case for busy women on the go

I see many women nowadays taking care of their makeup on the subway, in the train or just on the go. What I notice is, even though they are being arts-and-crafty, they nearly always keep their phone in their hands.
Why not putting an iPhone/Smartphone multipurpose case in their hands. It could contain a lipstick, mirror, eyeliner and more. Of course, they need to be ultra slim in order to keep the case thin.

Evernote Home Server

#009: Evernote for home servers

I love Evernote. I have been using it for years. Easy to use, and in many cases replaces my brain. There might have been countless situations where I just looked something up in Evernote instead of actually remembering. 🙂

But …

#008: Stress Case

The idea explained in 30 words or less:

Flour stress ball on the back of a smartphone case!
Fun product, produced in china, sold on your online shop & Amazon (dropshipping) and retail, perfect for facebook ads/giveaways.

Socks business Idea

#006: Foam socks protecting you from nasty ice scating pain

Have you ever been sore after a trip to the ice skating palace?

No? lucky you!
Yes? welcome to the club!

I admit it, we are the occasional skaters. We go like 3-4 time a year. We are no regulars. So we don’t have skates on our own. For our kids, it does not make sense. We buy them, go like twice, and the 3rd time they already grew out of them. I also admit me and my wife could have bought some, but I guess we are too cheap for that.
So what happens? We rent some skates and after one hour of sliding, I feel like beaten down.

cd player business idea

#003: Mini CD Player instead of clunky radio

A couple of months ago I tried really hard to find a CD player for my wife. She needed some radio in the kitchen to lighten up crazy loud kids time. The problem: our kitchen is really small, we don’t have much space for big radios. Turns out, we don’t have space for all radios.

#002: Point of Sale hand sterilizer

Yesterday my kids and I went to a bakery. It was hot, they were hungry and grumpy. To take control of the situation I bought some fresh bread. I paid with cash while checking emails on my phone. Then I took the change and started distributing the bribe-bread.

It was after I paid that I realized I should have cleaned my hands before handing out something to eat for my kids (god, I hope my wife will not find this post). I fed my children with germs from the change (to be precise a lot of peoples’ germs) AND my phone (which has 10x more bacteria than a toilet seat, studies show).