#020: Babysitting in a foreign language, not just for the ambitious

My daughters grows up polylingual. We speak English, Russian and German. For years, we had the troubles getting my big girl to the point where she speaks all of them. Struggling with 3 languages is normal though. But at some point, she was comfortable in Russian and German, but actively avoiding English. She understands everything, but she avoided speaking English at all.

storage business idea

#007: Storage Marketplace for Students

Imagine for a second being a student:
You finally got accepted to a study program you love. It is quite far away. You pack your stuff, fill your parents car and move. You found a great place, cheap rent, great infrastructure where you spend your first year. And then, in the end of the year, you decide to go abroad. So now comes the tricky question: what should you do with your stuff?

Business Idea

#001: Business Travel Service

The first idea I want to share is a service business, not too cool these days, but still with potential.

All of us have booked our vacation online, right? This process starts quite easily with all these booking sites. After you set your eyes on a dream vacation spot, the real work begins. Figuring everything out takes time and sucks out a lot of energy. But mostly, it is a big waste of time because there are people who are experienced enough to do all the work in a fraction of the time.