#30: Arlo makes sure your information products don’t get lost

All of us love shopping! Well, at least in one form or the other. Especially tempting: when discounts are involved. Everybody who got a Steam account feels my pain! Last year I bought (again) like 10 games, but none has been played so far.
When you buy on Amazon these items are either used, or just lie around. With digital products it is similar. The problem here though is much more complicated: out of sight, out of mind.


#023: Personalized books your kids will love!

Books are wonderful. They spur your imagination, keep your mind off things and ultimately help you relax.
For kids you can count the same benefits. Even more so it develops their creativity and helps them learn the language.
Despite all the advancements in technology, books have staid the same. They are written, printed and published to the masses.
But nowadays we expect products to be tailored to us, not the everybody. Mass customization is something books are still lacking.

#022: Car wash on demand

This one is too obvious, banked for years in my Evernote folder, but still a great example for local business ideas:
An “Uber” for car washing.
I don’t really need to search for similar competitors – there should be plenty. But on the other side, there is plenty of room for this type of business. And here is why:

#020: Babysitting in a foreign language, not just for the ambitious

My daughters grows up polylingual. We speak English, Russian and German. For years, we had the troubles getting my big girl to the point where she speaks all of them. Struggling with 3 languages is normal though. But at some point, she was comfortable in Russian and German, but actively avoiding English. She understands everything, but she avoided speaking English at all.


#019: Find a star and name it

I watched Big Bang Theory the other day (love that show!).
They had an interesting take on onto Raj’s job: finding stars.
After Sheldon & Raj found a meteor they decided to name it after their gilfriends.
So how comes this is not a yet thing?


#015: How to fit all languages onto a dvd

This business idea is not quite future proof. But it’s something which bothers me for quite some time now.
Our family is multilingual. My kids grow up speaking English, Russian and German. Different languages on different days of the week (long story for another time).
We buy DVDs once in a while, at home or abroad, mostly kids movies, Disney, DreamWorks, this kind of style.

Watch & listen to movies the way you want!

I was born and grew up in Austria. English is a language we learn quite early in school. But quite late we start mastering it. Just before I graduated from school I started watching movies in English. And you know what? They are sooo(!) much better than the German versions.
Yet, 99% of all movie theatres in Austria show national versions. And I bet, this is no different in many other countries.

beauty smartphone case

#011: A smartphone case for busy women on the go

I see many women nowadays taking care of their makeup on the subway, in the train or just on the go. What I notice is, even though they are being arts-and-crafty, they nearly always keep their phone in their hands.
Why not putting an iPhone/Smartphone multipurpose case in their hands. It could contain a lipstick, mirror, eyeliner and more. Of course, they need to be ultra slim in order to keep the case thin.

#010: Matchmaker App

Joe Gebbia is one of the founders of AirBNB. Fantastic entrepreneur and great speaker!
You see here a TED talk he gave recently. At around 5:30 he starts an interesting experiment.
If you haven’t watched it, go ahead first! And then continue reading – I don’t want to spoil anything!

Evernote Home Server

#009: Evernote for home servers

I love Evernote. I have been using it for years. Easy to use, and in many cases replaces my brain. There might have been countless situations where I just looked something up in Evernote instead of actually remembering. 🙂

But …