Tipping a waiter is normal, right? If the service was great, this is the normal thing to do. Showing appreciation to someone in a service job is important in most countries. Yet, if you think about it, waiters are pretty much the only professions you tip. How comes?

Why not tipping …

For me, tipping somebody in a shoe shop would be weird. To be honest, I am not sure if shops actually allow their staff to take tips. BUT if I think about it – why does this seem weird to me? The more I think about it the more I realize this is just the way it has been for decades. Why am I not allowed to tip a sales assistant in an electronic store? If he saved me a ton of time and did that with a great attitude, why not? Yet there are some jobs which could not receive tips, even though they deserved it: call center agents.

Remote tipping

Think about it. If you got a problem with your phone you immediately call the hotline. In most cases 24/7. And despite working hard to resolve your issues AND a rather low salary, you could not even give them a decent tip for all their effort.

Making tipping available in these telecommunication jobs might just make a lot of sense. The agents might earn more for great service. When they earn more they will be much more incentivized to go above and beyond for clients. If the agents and their customers are happy, the company will benefit too. Happy customers equal more word of mouth. And that means more customers on the long run. On the other side, happier agents will reduce staff turnover, without increasing staff costs.

Or in other words … this could be a great B2B business.

How would that look like?

That is actually the tricky part. In simple terms: this needs to be integrated in the CRM system. By connecting to the call-center-CRM you know which customer just called and could then follow up with a quick SMS. Without beeing too sleazy you could ask for a review (scale 1-5) of the staff you just talked to. If the review was great (1 or 2) you could follow up with a quick SMS and ask if they would like to tip this agent. the tip could be made through PayPal, Android / Apple Pay, or simply carrier billing.

What do you think? Would you tip a call-center-agent if your service was excellent?
Let me know in the comment section.

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