I see many women nowadays taking care of their makeup on the subway, in the train or just on the go. What I notice is, even though they are being arts-and-crafty, they nearly always keep their phone in their hands.
Why not putting an iPhone/Smartphone multipurpose case in their hands. It could contain a lipstick, mirror, eyeliner and more. Of course, they need to be ultra slim in order to keep the case thin.

You could run a test by making a 3D design on fiverr.com and put some adds with a sign-up form on facebook. The designs don’t need to be very sophisticated, just an iPhone with a thin rendered lipstick on top (something similar to this one: ReadyCase).

Revenue can be generated multiple ways:

First: the case itself
Second: all the replacement makeup, maybe even as a subscription model
Third: complementary beauty products

How about this idea? Anything similar on the market yet?

If you have anything to add, please feel free to comment.

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