In my experience there are 3 kinds of people in the world:
#1 The ones who buy everything, no matter what – after all, money to those who create value, right?
#2 The ones who pay for nothing, you can find anything online!
#3 And those who are willing to pay, but only if free alternatives are not delivering the desired outcome.

I count myself to #3. This brings along quite some challenges. for one: searching for alternatives is really time-consuming! The other day I realised how much time it actually takes to look for alternatives. I was looking for stock photos – and the web is full of post like these:

These 39 Sites Have Amazing Stock Photos You Can Use For Free

At first, I am really happy! I found something which looks promising. But then the reality kicks in: to find a fitting photo, I actually need to look through more than just one archive! 🙂
And THAT takes time. Especially, when you start doing that on a regular basis.

So here is the question: where are these multi-site-search solutions when you need one!?
Here is what I am looking for:
Enter a search term into a textbox. The software searches through all the websites I predefined beforehand. Finally, it either opens one page with all search results (Pinterest style?) or it opens all sites with the search query already made.
A simple plugin would be sufficient. Very often you have different topics where you need to look through different websites: Stockfotos, code errors, booking sites, …
So profiles are an interesting feature as well.

How could I monetize this service? Nothing new here: donations, advertising on the landing pages (or a one-time payment for ad-free versions), subscriptions, or affiliate programs.

Again, I know that I repeat myself, but is something I would pay some money for! The time it saves me are easily worth 20-30 Euros.
So who wants to build it? Is there already a similar service?

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