If you have been through some of my posts, you’ve noticed I have 2 kids.
Funny story: whenever Christmas, easter, birthday or any other gift-related holiday is coming up I get a call from my mother who asks about what to give to my kids. And, actually, so do many of my relatives. Turns out, if you care about kids, it is hard to find something awesome to give.

This takes time, and to be honest, can be quite exhausting too. So how can you streamline this gift-undertaking? You could offer an automated gift service for your relatives?
At least my family loves shopping. So taking the part they actually enjoy out of the equation might do more harm than good.

But, in a world where we document everything, why not going for a dedicated gift-list?
Let me explain:
Parents can state whatever they kids like, need, got broken and needs to be replaced. This can be an app, website or a browser plugin. Parents can tag the products their kids want and send this list to their relatives. My kids love cats, so I can state that in a little interest section.
Whenever a relative sees something interesting they can claim it. This avoids gifts beeing bought twice.
Yes, this sounds a lot like an Amazon Wishlist, and yes, there are already some services like this out there. But they are mostly very broad – so niching it down to the needs of families makes it a huge differentiator.

Monetization can be creative. The service should be for free. Making parents pay for this slows down growth before it even takes off. It needs to be as easy as possible. Monetization comes in on the backend – monetize the shopping itself through partner programs (sponsored gifts) or affiliate programs. OR the good old fashioned advertising combined with a premium option: pay 20€ to get rid of the ads forever.

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