So this might be a Deja Vu. A couple of weeks ago I talked to you about an uber for shop assistants. The idea behind it was: get somebody to help you if you have questions.
Last weekend, after I spent some time with my cousin who works in a large furniture shop, I came to the conclusion that I was thinking too complicated. Yes, being able to call somebody is very relevant. But very often you just need an interaction. And this, as quickly as possible.

So here is the pivot: Instead of an Uber for Shop Assistants, customers need an Uber for help.
Having a branded app with a video call function might just do the trick.
You enter the shop and need help to find you way. You get into the app, choose the kitchen department and the apps shows you the fastest way there.
When you are there, you have to make a choice between 3 kitchen types. You don’t see anybody around, so you start a video call with a shop assistant.
And the best part – the app logs in automatically into the shop wifi – so however long you discuss different kitchen models you won’t pay a dime.

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