You know, copywriting can be quite intimidating. For me, it aways used to be something I suck at. I am not a writer, one of my teachers burned that into my head.
But that’s not the way it needs to. Copywriting can be learned. By practice and by simply learning.
There are different copywriting models. Every method has its own advantages. But there is something more fundamental: every time I practice I do the same thing – looking up a framework, copy/paste into WordPress, and ultimately open best practices for each stage.

So why not ease the process by providing a streamlined copywriting experience! A WordPress plugin or a separate SaaS might help here!

There are 3 important topics to this idea:

  1. Provide an overview of frameworks which you can choose easily and get started right away. With a WordPress plugin you might just choose the adequate formula in a dropdown and past it into the post right away.
  2. Offer instructions on how to use this framework. Ideally without switching onto another browser window/tab.
  3. Make browsing through best practices easy. Again, ideally no switching here.

A software providing this solution might develop into a great business! 🙂

What do you think? Is there potential? 

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