Books are wonderful. They spur your imagination, keep your mind off things and ultimately help you relax.
For kids you can count the same benefits. Even more so it develops their creativity and helps them learn the language.
Despite all the advancements in technology, books have staid the same. They are written, printed and published to the masses.
But nowadays we expect products to be tailored to us, not the everybody. Mass customization is something books are still lacking.

So thinking about that I realized how building a software which can integrate a specific person into a story can be a game changer.
Imagine you connect the service to your facebook page and allow it to parse your kids pictures, it’s name, favorite food, best friends, parents names and more.
The software integrates everything into premade stories. The pictures are taken to build a cartoon version of all characters. After that, you print the book and send it off to the kids. Sounds simple, right? 🙂

Imagine you are an 8 year old boy. You love advanture stories. And now you get a book with you as the main character. Imagine how great it would be to actually read about you, your friends and family discovering a long lost treasure. This would be my favorite book of ALL time!
Something more realteble are superheros: imagine being a junior partner of the Avengers! Wow!!!!

From a business perspective, you can charge a premium for this! Plus, this could be the perfect product to sell as a subscription service. Sending out a monthly story your customers love puts you in a perfect positon for up- and cross-sells!

Let me know what you think about this idea – and what stories you would love to be the main charachter in! 🙂

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