This one is too obvious, banked for years in my Evernote folder, but still a great example for local business ideas:
An “Uber” for car washing.
I don’t really need to search for similar competitors – there should be plenty. But on the other side, there is plenty of room for this type of business. And here is why:

  1. The on-demand-economy will be increasing in the next couple of years. We all get more aware of how we spend our time. So on-demand is a great option.
  2. Regular car wash does include hustle – sometimes more, sometimes less. Think about it: you need to drive to a car wash, wait in line (most likely), pay, drive through the car wash, and finally, take care of the last stains. An Uber-model WILL save you time and nerves.
  3. When you take a closer look; on demand WILL be cheaper. Especially in summer it might take you 30 minutes or more to actually get your care cleaned. Time you can spend on earning money instead! Slightly higher price points of an on-demand service might still be a better deal.

In these hyper-local markets, cooperations are a great way of growing your business without big bucks spent on advertising. Cooperating with companies who offer your services as a goodie to their employees might be a win-win-win. (see also how companies like Booster Fuel grow their business).

Edit: publishing these business ideas is fun. I think in every idea there is value. Some have more some less potential. But I don’t want to claim here these ideas are unique and have never been done before. In contrary, I think most of the ideas have been there – many have not been executed, but many have. Nevertheless, the world is so big – the markets are huge and open for new ideas. Even competition is great! That means you know there is potential already. And 100% of the time you have the opportunity to research first hand how to differentiate.

With this idea I found a company that already implemented the idea. And even with a great twist: offers eco-friendly car washing without wasting gallons of water. Great concept!!!

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