My daughters grows up polylingual. We speak English, Russian and German. For years, we had the troubles getting my big girl to the point where she speaks all of them. Struggling with 3 languages is normal though. But at some point, she was comfortable in Russian and German, but actively avoiding English. She understands everything, but she avoided speaking English at all.

We figured it was mostly because of the lack in practice. What we did was a little out of the box. Instead of signing up to any regular English classes we combined two things which we needed to take care of anyway: And English teacher and a babysitter.
So we got us 3 different babysitters fluent in English and made them play for 2-3 hours, 3 times per week.

The effect was amazing: she started feeling comfortable in English and started to speak freely.

The takeaway of this little story is very simple: There will always be a need for babysitters. And there will always be a need for language learning. Combining those two creates a nice niche which you can specialise and serve in most cities/towns. Instead of real teachers students or adults with great English skills will do the trick – as it is rather English practice instead of theory.

And by creating a marketplace you offer a compelling platform for side hustles and are able to automate many processes along the value chain.
Additionally, you can offer these services to local companies. They will be able to offer language babysitting as a benefit for their employees, and you get a rather easy distribution channel.

That’s it for today.
Let me know what you think in the comment section.

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