Humans are creatures of habit. We know that. I know that! But I never really paid attention. The habit sneaks up on you when you pay attention to detail. The other day I noticed that I when I have a specific task, let’s say, read news, I tend to go through a small routine. I open a website, check it out, then open the next one, and the next one. Repeating until I am done with checking news. I do this every day. And not just news!

When I am looking for free stockphotos I open several websites, usually the same, after I cannot find the best fit.
When I design a quick banner I open my icon-stock-sites ( &
When I check my social networks I do that sequential too.
E-Mail! I have several email accounts, usually log in on the web. Same thing!

So here comes the question:

When I know that I open more websites to get a task done, why can I not open them together with one click?
Basically a grouped-bookmark. That would for sure free up much space in my bookmark manager.

No disruption here – but that still nags me! 🙂

What do you think? Just leave a comment!

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