I am one of those people who subscribe to 1000 newsletters. I have several email addresses and subscribe to everything which might get me some value for my problems: SEO blogs, growth hacking e-books, newsletter marketing. Catching my email is actually quite easy. But what this really means: information overflow!
There are services available who unsubscribe me from all my newsletters. I have used some, but with little success. And chances are you feel the same way.
It took me quite a while to figure out why:

Because no matter what these services did, I still thought many of those newsletters give me a value on a regular basis.
And I bet, this is just a psychological misconception.

Here is a way how to overcome that:

Let a bot help you! Let’s call him “Jack”. Jack, the smart bot, will scan your emails and identify all newsletters coming in. Of course, he considers all your email accounts.
Jack does not jump to the conclusion that unsubscribing is the only option. He is on my side! He knows having newsletters is important for me and offers advantages.

Jack is patient. He will wait until you get an email. And after you open it, Jack will ask you if it was worth your time. On a simple scale (1-5), you will give up a vote. And that he does after every newsletter you read. If you don’t open one, he also tries to find out why you haven’t.

Over the course of some weeks, Jack will have a fantastic overview over newsletter which adds value, and which wastes your time.
Now Jack can actually tell you which one he recommends unsubscribing – and he got data to proof it to you!

But Jack can do more

Of course, in the end, Jack unsubscribes automatically from everything you don’t want to keep. And after you unsubscribed, he makes sure that you don’t won’t get bothered again.

When you subscribe to a newsletter, he picks up expectations (on a simple scale again) and matches it afterwards with the reality. He can pick out examples for your swipe file, and can find more content similar to the ones you liked.

Jack is also connected and shows his other newsletter-bot-friends which I unsubscribed. So others get the hint and can unsubscribe right away.

I would love Jack, platonically! How about you? leave a comment!

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