This business idea is not quite future proof. But it’s something which bothers me for quite some time now.
Our family is multilingual. My kids grow up speaking English, Russian and German. Different languages on different days of the week (long story for another time).
We buy DVDs once in a while, at home or abroad, mostly kids movies, Disney, DreamWorks, this kind of style.

Every time we want to switch to a specific language, we struggle. Either there is no Russian, or when we buy Russian DVDs, there is no German. How comes?
I understand that there is a limitation of what you can put on a DVD. But there could be an app for that!

In a Movie-App you could offer all languages for streaming. It syncs with your movie, and the only thing you have to do is mute your TV. The rest is done by your iPhone or your (bluetooth) speaker system.

This works also well for learning different languages: Whatever Marvel Movie you pick, the chances are high I know it by heart. So learning French or Italian by switching the language on these movies on the go might be a great benefit. After all, that is how I studied English in school.

Here is why this should be great for large publishers as well: Disney will have a better connection to their end-consumers. Now the relationship is pretty loose. With this App, Disney knows who their customers are, where they live, what they love and can engage them easily.

Does sound like a great deal to me!

btw: there are already some similar Apps available. Take a look at myLingo.

Before I finish off, YES, the future belongs to streaming. But you know the saying “Oldy but Goldie” 🙂

If you have anything to add, just hit the comment section and lets discuss!

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