In the last 12 months I have tested 3 different wearables. I have tried to improve my sleep, to wake up more rested and to get up without waking my wife & kid(s).

Here is where I failed with my wearables/smart alarms so far:

  1. I am too busy (or lazy) to actually analyze my sleep and make improvements
  2. I am not a morning person; whatever happens I am kinda grumpy, no matter sleep phase alarm or not
  3. Not waking my wife is great, but staying in bed ONE more minute always ends up fatal

So here is what I would make different:

  1. The armband alarm is great! It wakes me up without the ones around me: check! But it does not need to be smart. A dumb alarm-armband is enough, and also cheaper in production.
  2. Connect it to my phone and make it the only possibility to turn that thing off! People like me need to be forced out of bed. By putting the phone on the other side of the room might just do the trick.
  3. In combination with #2: make snoozing possible, but more frequent. Let it vibrate every 30 seconds until I turn off the alarm on my phone.

A dumb alarm is all I need. And in the end, that might just save a lot of people time, nerves and money.

What do you think about this business idea? Got anybody experience with this kind of gadget?

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