Do you have kids? Do you have young kids/babies? Are you somebody who likes to work with loud music in your ears? If yes, keep on reading. I got an interesting business idea for your.

I find most baby phones useless. Here is why: I love loud music. I can focus so much better when I plug myself and dive into some great rock/punk music (or white noise). But then I cannot hear the kids in the other rooms. And the baby phone is mostly useless.

I found that most of the baby phones on the market do not offer enough visual aid. I also do not need many devices lying around as well.
If I would need to build a baby phone system, I would do it differently:

  1. I would make a small microphone which can connect to my wifi/or has Bluetooth. It connects to the internet, or to my phone.
  2. If noise is detected, it sends a signal to my phone and my computer.
  3. A popup appears and warns me, that there is something going on in the baby dungeons.
  4. Alternatively, I could plug a small cube which I plug into one of my USB ports which lights up and goes crazy until I calm the situation down.

And the best would be if alerts through multiple channels (Windows popup, chrome pop up, phone lights up, my screen goes crazy)
THIS would help me so much! I could work in the evenings again without the constant phantom cries I hear!

What do you think? What features would you add? Who is with me?

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