Ever thought about buying sheep so that you can sit back and relax while they do your lawn mowing duties? No?

Well, that is actually what some people were thinking. And because they do that quite well, some rent out their sheep for lawn mowing services.

This business model has quite some advantages.

First: for companies, this is an easy way of going green. For some on the other side, it is just a great PR stunt. Either way, corporations are renting these services more nowadays. Besides, employees love it!
Second: For a shepherd, this means you get paid for feeding YOUR sheep. You bring them in the morning, closing possible exit routes and pick them up again in the evenings.

I stumbled over this some years ago when I found some hobby farmers in New Zealand using their sheep while their lawn mower broke down.
I think this is quite an interesting business. Possibly done on the side. Not for everyone, though! If you got a sheep farm, this is a great new way to generate extra income.

ps: getting back to the point I made before: this might not be ideal though for going “green”; transporting the sheep plus all the methane produced might backfire on the eco-argumentation.

pps: still an interesting business idea 🙂

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