Joe Gebbia is one of the founders of AirBNB. Fantastic entrepreneur and great speaker!
You see here a TED talk he gave recently. At around 5:30 he starts an interesting experiment.
If you haven’t watched it, go ahead first! And then continue reading – I don’t want to spoil anything!

He makes the case, that the only thing more personal than somebody’s phone is his/her home.
For me, it is still the other way around! You cannot find a lot of pictures at my home. And if, then they are meant to be pretty. Our phones on the other hand, contain ALL or pics, no matter if good or bad!
My phone contains more personal information than I can imagine. My banking data or my e-mails are obvious. How often I check emails, who I call or text regularly, where I spend my time online, these are things telling a story for people with the right skills.
My point beeing: My smartphone is something unique tailored to me.

So I make a big stretch from the previous topic to dating now. I hope you can follow me.

Dating nowadays … thinking about tinder… usually involves a lengthy process. First, you swipe and try to find somebody you like. Then you meet him. Then you try to figure out if you like him or not. Studies show, like Joe in his speech, people like/trust others more, who are more like them.

(And here comes the stretch back to the smartphone.)

What if an app would suggest you possible dates by comparing your personality, manifested in your smartphone? Wouldn’t that mean that you might get a much more accurate shot at dating somebody you might like?
What if you phone is actually the key filtering out all the noise and just giving you the people who fits to you!

Think about it.

An app could analyze so many things which reveals my inner self.
Facebook: What movies I like, what brands I like, who I am fan of, who my friends are, my sense of humor
Linkedin: where and what I worked, what I studied, what I am looking for
Youtube: what videos I like, which channels I follow, what I don’t (!) like
Maps: what places I have visited, where I live and where I commute to,
even what courses I took, what books I read, what podcasts I listen to, which websites I visited, which music I like/dislike,

If people tend to like each other the more similar they are – imagine what perfect match an iPhone app could bring up if we allow it. This would be a game changer for many industries! better dating, less divorces, fewer couples counseling, etc etc etc…!

Soooo, who wants to build it? 🙂

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