Imagine for a second being a student:
You finally got accepted to a study program you love. It is quite far away. You pack your stuff, fill your parents car and move. You found a great place, cheap rent, great infrastructure where you spend your first year. And then, in the end of the year, you decide to go abroad. So now comes the tricky question: what should you do with your stuff?

You can choose A. moving back for the time being. Packing everything up in boxes and drive back to your parents is a lot of work though. You know some heavy unloading is ahead of you. Plus the same procedure next year.
Or do you choose B. to leave your belongings back in town. You could deposit everything with a friend. But all your friends are students too, so they move out as well or leave everything unattended over summer.

What if there was an AirBnB like marketplace where you can store everything for cheap. People with spare space can offer out room to people who need space. Hosting ones’ goods for 1-24 months. Covered by insurance and with an easy to booking process.

That sounds for sure great! I could have used that back then. 🙂
What do you think?

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