Have you ever been sore after a trip to the ice skating palace?

No? lucky you!
Yes? welcome to the club!

I admit it, we are the occasional skaters. We go like 3-4 time a year. We are no regulars. So we don’t have skates on our own. For our kids, it does not make sense. We buy them, go like twice, and the 3rd time they already grew out of them. I also admit me and my wife could have bought some, but I guess we are too cheap for that.
So what happens? We rent some skates and after one hour of sliding, I feel like beaten down.

But why do I need to buy expensive skates when I could just get some socks with foam around the ankles? Protected by a thick layer of foam renting skates won’t make you suffer anymore.

And the best thing, you can serve both users/customers (Amazon, eBay, retail) and businesses (renting these socks might increase ARPU for ice skating arenas).

Does that already exist? Feel like creating some prototypes? Leave a comment!

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