Yesterday my kids and I went to a bakery. It was hot, they were hungry and grumpy. To take control of the situation I bought some fresh bread. I paid with cash while checking emails on my phone. Then I took the change and started distributing the bribe-bread.

It was after I paid that I realized I should have cleaned my hands before handing out something to eat for my kids (god, I hope my wife will not find this post). I fed my children with germs from the change (to be precise a lot of peoples’ germs) AND my phone (which has 10x more bacteria than a toilet seat, studies show).

Everybody does that at some point. We don’t pay attention or don’t care at that moment. Especially in those situations, out of sight means out of mind. Having something with me to clean my hands is good, but does not always work. There needs to be a better, more obvious solution:

The product

Enter CleanShopper, a designer hand sterilizer for customers.

In retrospective, it might have been much better and healthier if I would sterilize my hands before I interact with my kids. It would be even better if the shop makes this a no brainer and assists me (the customer) by offering a hand sterilizer, easy to access and easy to use. Something like this, but more UX focussed.
This would make the world a better place. 🙂

Who are the customers?

This is basically a B2B business. So MY customers are the shops placing these sanitizers. These are B2C businesses, this means their customers are the key to closing the deals. Making their consumers live better helps MY customers.

What are the benefits?

I actually did try to come up with clear benefits for the customers. This bugs me for some time already. I believe it gives their end-consumers a good chil after a purchase, so charging something for it could work (this means higher revenue/customer). Also, it enables them some good PR which is good for business too.

If you got any input on this one, just leave a note in the comment section.

How does it generate revenue?

First you sell the stores on the sanitizer. In addition, there will be a monthly service behind the sanitizers for refills and replacements.

On the long run entering the B2C market by building a strong brand around these sanitizers could open huge opportunities (online stores, Amazon, retail, etc.)

So this was my second idea. To be honest, I did struggle a little with this one. I guess this is also a learning process for later, taking ideas I already thought through. Let me know if you got any idea on this one! Does it already exist? Just let me know in the comment section.

I will adapt the style a little, to streamline my texts and make it easier to read.

Let me know if you got any idea on this one! Does it already exist? Just let me know in the comment section.

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